Sleeping Sofa Standard Black スリーピングソファ

Sleeping Sofa Standard Black スリーピングソファ


First sofa bed that Karimoku made in 1969. It is still being used in hospitals and self-defence forces quarters in Japan till today. This design is made 300mm longer than the 3 seater lobby chair for better support and stability. It can be easily transformed from sofa to bed simply by shifting the backrest to the front which will disengage the locking mechanism, allowing it to fall back and create a flat surface. To convert the bed back to sofa, simply pull up the backrest till a clicking sound is heard. 


Wood Type: Beech / Dark Walnut Finished

Leather: Standard Black

Among the relatively easy-to-care and durable synthetic leather, it is the most standard vinyl leather. Improvements have been made since the birth of the K chair, and are still being made today. The final product had a subdued lustre that is specially made for Karimoku 60 products.


Made In Japan

All items come with 3-Years Structural Warranty.

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