K chair Two Seater Cherry Kチェア2シーター フラノベージュ

K chair Two Seater Cherry Kチェア2シーター フラノベージュ


The first product that was designed and built for the Japanese domestic market back in 1962. The K-Chair is the flagship product of Karimoku 60s range. It was designed to fit Japanese homes in the 60s which were typically small spaced. This classic design remains unchanged till today and is the top selling product of Karimoku 60s range.



Wood Type: Black Cherry

The wood surface is dense and the surface finish is beautiful. There are blemish tissue spots and gum pockets (resin scars) called casuli as the characteristic taste and characteristic that form black cherries. It becomes dark blue with a high quality of texture as you use it and increases the beauty with a smooth and deep taste, but on the other hand, if there are exposed and non-exposed parts, color differences occur.

Fabric: Furano beige

Wool fibers contain a lot of air thanks to the crimps called crimps. The contained dry air provides a barrier. By using the wool cloth, you can spend the winter warm and summer cool and comfortable. In addition, wool has antibacterial and deodorant functions, and is a human-friendly fiber. This time "Furanobeige" adopted this time is made by a very time-consuming process of carefully washing away with a large amount of water for hours after weaving wool fiber, and intertwining the fibers, generally "Flanowool" It is called. It features a unique texture like felt material. (90% wool · 10% nylon)


Made In Japan

All items come with 3-Years Structural Warranty.

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