K chair Premium Leather One Seater Kチェア1シーター ヴォルテライトブラウン

K chair Premium Leather One Seater Kチェア1シーター ヴォルテライトブラウン


The first product that was designed and built for the Japanese domestic market back in 1962. The K-Chair is the flagship product of Karimoku 60s range. It was designed to fit Japanese homes in the 60s which were typically small spaced. This classic design remains unchanged till today and is the top selling product of Karimoku 60s range.


Wood Type: Oak

Oak has long been widely used for furniture, home interiors, doors, etc. It is called King of Forest. It features a beautiful grain and good durability. It has a solid gloss when polished, giving it a taste enough to wear out. In addition, although it is a rare lepidopteran, there may be a tiger spot (trough) that crosses the leash. The trough is characterised by the change in light refraction at the viewing angle. Trough is preferred as a very valuable grain in Europe.

Leather: Premium Leather

The genuine leather "Vortex" is a product that draws attention to how much the leather's natural attraction can be brought out, taking advantage of the Natural Marks, and a traditional furniture leather finished without painting. Like indigo-dyed denim, you can enjoy the changes that occur as you spend time with people.


Made In Japan

All items come with 3-Years Structural Warranty.

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