About R.C.

All good designs share these following distinct traits: simplicity, functional and ability to transcend trends and even time. If the latter is achieved, these will be deemed as "Long Life Design" which end users can continue to enjoy for many years to come. At R.C., we ensure that every piece of items carry these characteristics. 

In the current digital era, we are often overwhelmed by information on the internet or social media where everything is often just a click away. It is easy for us to lose the true values of design, whereby we have forgotten the importance of our senses; touch, smell, hearing and sight. Most importantly of all, we are losing our ability to communicate. 

We aim to bring back the values that we have lost and we take pride in researching and understanding the philosophies, histories and honest manufacturing processes behind the makings of every product that we carry, so that we can share these important information and help our customers in the appreciation of these items. 

Other than serving the daily requirements of the end users, the classic designs of our products enhance the overall aesthetics of your homes.

Not only do we bring you good designs, we understand the needs of our customers and bring you products that have the perfect fit. Considering the small living spaces that are usually associated with the modern day homes, our products are mainly compact sized and made specifically to fit even the smallest spaces, freeing up valuable spaces in the process so that you can do more with less.

It would be an utmost honor for us to help you in the creation of your ideal home, so see you soon at R.C.